Using beaker with external packages

I’d like to use beaker to experiment with a model which is not part of the allennlp package. How do you --include-package while using scripts/ai2-internal/

Hi @wammar. Unfortunately I don’t know think it would be very easy to use --include-package with I would typically advocate creating a Docker image for your external package that depends on an AllenNLP base image and running that with Beaker. You can look at the Dockerfile in the demo as an example (

A big benefit you’ll get with this approach is that you won’t have to rebuild the entire AllenNLP image which can take a long time.

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In general, it seems like we need a better way of running beaker experiments once we split out separate task-specific repositories. We should make sure that these repos set up experiments in a way that’s a good example for people that have this question in the future.

I don’t think it would be hard to create a run_with_beaker equivalent that uses the allennlp/allennlp base image and only expects you to supply supplemental modules

Honestly I think running Beaker jobs on dependent repositories is easier than on the main repository already. @joelg I don’t disagree that it would be easy to make a derivative script.