Supervised Open Information Extraction

Hi all,

I’m interested in Open IE and came across the supervised OIE github page. That project is deprecated and has been moved to AllenNLP. It links to the demo page of open information extraction on this website (sorry, new users can only use two hyperlinks per post) which shows how to use the pretrained model. I was wondering if there was any more documentation available on how to train the model with a different dataset and if similar functionality as can be found here also has been moved over into the AllenNLP framework? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Look at the Usage tab here for an example of how you would typically train a model like this using allennlp. The OIE demo also has a Usage tab, where it says that the data is available through the LDC. If you have access to the data (or your own data), you can train the model in a similar way to what the reading comprehension usage says. For more information on allennlp generally, see this site (beta, link may change).


Thanks for the information. I’ll look into it!