Reading Comprehension


I am a beginner and I have just cloned the repository. Now I would like to use the reading-comprehension component of this project to see how it work. But there is no specific readme which explains step by step how it works. At least I can’t find it.

An orientation please?

Hello! I’m lost. Please help

Thomas–check out and look at the “Usage” tab. Does that help you get started?

Peace. Michael

What if my passage is very large? I want to put software documentation as the passage and have users ask questions. Is this the intent? or is there a different model that is more suited for that task?

If this is the right model for the task, is there a way to “read” the documentation once, and only take the question as the input?

@tantanchen, we don’t have a model that is trained specifically for that use case; you could try the models in our demo and see what they do, but I would guess they would take a very long time to run on very large documents.

There are methods that “read” things once and just take the question as input; see, e.g., recent papers by Minjoon Seo. There might be code / models available for those papers, I’m not sure. But we don’t have anything like that implemented already ourselves.