License of AllenNLP

Hello all,

I want to use AllenNLP in commercial software that is not open source.

I’m a bit worried about the license of AllenNLP. It says that it has a MIT license, but as far as I understand, if you have dependencies with “viral licenses”, such as GPL, then I don’t know if the MIT license applies.

As of this writing, AllenNLP depends on unidecode, which is GPLv2.

If this is indeed a problem, for the unidecode dependency, AllenNLP could use text-unidecode. It has the Artistic License, which is better in a commercial context.

Thanks a lot,

Hi Gustavo, thanks for bringing this up. The unidecode dependency is a mistake and I’ll look into fixing it.

This dependency shouldn’t of been in allennlp and is unused. We’re removing it:

While this dependency was included in v0.9.0 it wasn’t used so I don’t think you need to worry about the license conflict. You can also uninstall it and continue to use AllenNLP without problems. It won’t be included in the next release.

Hello Michaels,

That’s good to know. I was worried about it.

Thanks for tackling this.