Is there a way to retrain allennlp coref model?

I want to retrain the Allenlp coreference model with my dataset how can I do it?

  1. Download Ontonotes dataset
  2. Set environmental variables to point to the dataset files
  3. Run
allennlp train allennlp/training_config/$CONFIG -s $SERIALIZATION_DIR

If you are at v0.9.0, you can train the old coref model (coref.jsonnet). You can soon train the state-of-the-art model (PR pending at if you want to use master.

From where i can download ontonotes, in the official site its for membership and i’m a student. Can you help to get the dataset or can you share it so that i can run model to train on my dataset?

Thank you

Unfortunately we cannot help you get this dataset. You’ll need to work with the LDC to determine how you can acquire it.

“The Coreference model was evaluated on the CoNLL 2012 dataset. Unfortunately we cannot release this data due to licensing restrictions by the LDC. To compile the data in the right format for evaluating the Coreference model, please see scripts/ This script requires the Ontonotes 5.0 dataset, available on the LDC website.”

is there any other way that can solve my problem?

Unfortunately no. Maybe you can check with your affiliation to see if it has access to it.