How to find out the registrable name of a class

I am currently working on writing a tutorial on AllenNLP in a new book.
I would like to ask whether there is a way to find out the valid configuration name (e.g., basic_classifier) of an arbitrary class (e.g., allennlp.models.basic_classifier.BasicClassifier) without running a config wizard, reading or running code.
I also found a similar GitHub issue (, but the solutions described require the running code or the config wizard.
Also, is the configuration name of a class always the same as the module name that contains the class?

Glad to hear you’re writing a tutorial! I’ll note, though, that we’re changing quite a few things getting ready for a major new 1.0 release. You can see the things that we’ve already changed here, and the things that we’re planning on changing here. One of the issues on the 1.0 milestone is to put the name a class is registered as in the documentation, which I believe would solve this issue.

Thank you for your prompt reply!
I understand that the issue #3732 solves my problem, and look forward to the upcoming 1.0 release!
Also, we are going to update our tutorial based on the 1.0 release before the release of the book.